Check Out This Floating Waterpark!


Tarzan Mini is the product of your requests.  It is the newest model of Tarzan Boat, approximately 50% smaller and more flexible. 



The Tarzan Boat is designed to be in the water year round at any temperature.  Cover essential parts and wait for warmer weather.  You can take Tarzan Boat out of the water with a large trailer, but it is not advised that you do this frequently or travel far.


Calmer waters are preferred, but small wake and waves are fine.  Heavy stabilizing anchors come with Tarzan Boat to keep you in place on windy days or waters with current.  Tarzan Boat is perfect for a calm bay, lake, river or inlet. Tarzan Boat comes with a depth finder and waters deeper than 12 feet are required and 18 feet or deeper are preferred.


There are a number of public Tarzan boats around the country available for rent.  Click here for a boat near you.

Or you can purchase one for yourself!  

Source: Friday at Five

Source: Tarzan

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