This Pool Has A Secret...

Summer can be scorcher for anyone not having a pool or beach or lake close.  Even still, for those that have pools, you often lose out on usable space lawn space.

AGOR Creative Engineering out of Israel, saw the issue and decided to create a product to bring a solution!  They specialize in design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of moveable swimming pool floors and a range of custom-designed, “creative engineering” solutions for private homes, public facilities and industrial spaces. 

Each of their floors is personalized to each client and these floors are seriously some of the coolest uses of creative engineering I have ever seen.

Take a look for yourself!

In this yard, their pool doubles as a deck.

At a push of a button, the wood deck begins to sink into the water...

And before you know it...

Watch the amazing transformation:

Source:Trends Ideas

Source: Agor

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